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Abducted, soul-bound to a demon, and forced into the role of mercenary-for-hire…

Christopher Marek’s day is off to a rough start and it’s about to get worse. He’s been assigned to the Mad Tavern Inn on the magical land of Meldaria, home to goblins, orcs, and all manner of nether beasts, none of which take kindly to mercs.

Marek soon discovers the tech-free world of sword and sorcery is actually a vacation destination for adventurers of all races. As the regional soldier-of-fortune, Marek is forced to accompany adventurers on quests of monster hunting, dungeon crawling, and troll slaying. Should he fail to live up to the adventurers’ expectations, he’s assured a fate worse than death.

Join Marek the Merc in this slice of life story that’s sure to satisfy your thirst for adventure…

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