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To-Do List

A Novella

Benjamin Ulysses Brooks leads a dull, predictable life, and that’s just the way he likes it. He wakes at precisely six-thirty every morning and, after brushing his teeth for exactly two minutes, he puts on a pair of freshly-pressed dress pants and a long-sleeve oxford shirt.

After dressing for the job that he wants, not the job that he has, Benjamin heads downstairs and pours himself a bowl of cereal and an eight-ounce glass of orange juice. Over breakfast, Benjamin pulls out his 15-lined, college-ruled, leather-bound pocket planner and writes down his daily to-do list. There are few things in life Benjamin finds more satisfying than crossing tasks off his daily to-do lists and he ends every day having completed all of his self-assigned tasks.

However, Benjamin is about to discover some tasks aren’t so easy to accomplish, especially after he discovers his neighbors have developed a taste for human flesh.

Join Benjamin as he bungles his way from one peril to the next. And, who knows, maybe Benjamin will discover there’s more to life than his to-do list?

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