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The Ace Carson Case Files:

The Origin of the Augmented Detective

Ace just witnessed a gruesome murder…

Now, he has to solve it…

But Ace has a few problems:

1) He knows the killer.

2) The guilty party is an assassin-for-hire implanted with an Augmented Cerebral Electromechanical network. In addition to giving the murderer instant access to nearby computer networks, cell phones, and CCTV feeds, he can hand over control of his central nervous system to an advanced A.I., allowing him to kill with the precision of a well-oiled machine.

3) Ace is that Augmented Cerebral Electromechanical network. He was programmed to follow his host’s every command, forced into committing one horrendous act after the other. But things are about to change…

Suddenly, Ace is in charge, and he’s been tasked with investigating the murder. Only the murder turns out to be almost as complicated as life itself, something Ace is about to experience for the first time.

But will Ace solve the murder before his host’s past catches up to him…


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